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In the sixth richest economy on Earth, it ought to be a given that nobody goes hungry, that people get a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work, and everyone has a secure and affordable place to call home. Basics such as food, dignity at work, and decent housing ought to be a given.

After all, it’s just basic common decency – but these things we used to take for granted seem further away than ever for millions. Children starting secondary school this year have only ever known recession and austerity, born in a credit crunch brought on by big business, and now going to school hungry. Teachers who haven’t seen a real term pay increase for years are dig into their own pockets to make sure their students have full enough stomachs to concentrate, while juggling their own rising rents and expensive childcare.

It is clear that more of the same will no longer do. More of the same will not change the way our economy distributes its rewards. More of the same cannot save our world from the climate emergency. It won’t put food on the table or a roof over our heads.

As we go to the polls this winter, let us face the future. To build a fairer future, we must seek inspiration from the people, projects and movements who have dared to do things differently.

Doing things differently comes naturally to co-operators. From the outset, the co-operative movement has challenged the status quo. It is this experience and this willingness to be disruptors which will be so important in facing the challenges to come. Co-operation, a global movement of more than a billion members, shows that our values and principles can support social justice both at home and abroad.

This policy platform shares the ideas that the Co-operative Party wants to put at the top of the next Parliament’s to-do list. They are borne from the real-life experiences of our members and movement, who are already doing things differently across the country. Putting our co-operative values into practice on shop floors in every high street, through community share offers to build solar panels and save post offices, on marches for a public vote on any Brexit deal.

Let us face the future, confident in our co-operative values and daring to put them into practice in every community. Let us build a fairer future where wealth and power are shared.

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